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Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades

NFA offers full gunsmith and firearm personalization services for licensed firearms owners.


What We Do

We will inspect your firearm to ensure safe mechanical operation and use our in-depth knowledge of firearms to guide these inspections: either repairing deficiencies; or notifying you of unsafe conditions and taking steps to prevent catastrophic failures. We do this by properly observing gun safety handling procedures.


We can inspect your gun for some of the following:

  • Improper Assembly

  • Missing Parts

  • Cracks: all cracked parts are cause for concern, but especially so in the chamber-area, bolt, bolt-lugs, or buttstock.

  • Bore obstructions: being either dented or bent barrels, or foreign material in barrels.

  • Improper Headspace: dimensions concerning the relative space of the chamber and the bolt are not within specified tolerances.

  • Safety-Mechanism Malfunctions: potentially allowing a firearm with the safety mechanism supposedly engaged to unexpectedly fire.

  • Worn Sear Edges: potentially allowing a firearm to unexpectedly fire when the safety mechanism is disengaged.

  • Firing-Pin Tips Deformed: leading to the possibility of primer-rupture.

Repair Services & Pricing

Cleaning & Clearing

Firearm Safety Inspection - $40

Remove Stuck Case or Bullet - $35

Full Cleaning & Maintenance - $75


Trigger Installation - $45 - $65

Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights - $120

Bore Sight Only - $30

Sight-In on Range - $45

Scope Mounting - $55

Laser Mount & Bore Sight - $35

Drill & Tap for Sights - $55
($35 per Additional)

Install Receiver Sights $45

Install Rib  Bead (on shotgun) - $40

Stock Install or Replace - $50


Repairs Start at  $75 

(Plus cost of parts)

Trigger Issues

Bad or Miss Cycle

Fail to Eject case/shell

Bad Bolt

Stuck Action


Note: This is just basic pricing, final cost may vary base on condition of firearms and complexity of work needed.

Factory level repairs, renovation as well as scope mounting, bore sighting, recoil pad replacement, feeding issues, polishing internal components, and trigger work.

​We understand that your firearm can also have a great deal of meaning to you and in many instances there is significant sentimental value. We share your feelings for firearms  and are pleased that you have considered us for your cleaning, maintenance & repair. 

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