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Courtesy Call | Attorney General

NFA Courtesy Call on the Attorney General

Nassau, The Bahamas – As part of its public relations tour, the Executive Board of National Firearms Association (NFA) paid a courtesy call to the Attorney General, Hon. Ryan Pinder, QC Thursday, March 3, 2022, to discuss the mission, vision, and objectives of the Association.

President of NFA Bahamas, Malvin Gordon said, “Our main goal and objective of the organization is to make training and international accredited certification accessible for both civilians and law enforcement. We wish to create and promote an outlet for licensed firearms owners by elevating safety, knowledge, sports shooting and hunting in our country that can create many job opportunities and a high income industry in the The Bahamas. While working with government, lobbying for changes to local laws that better provide and protect the law abiding citizens in the The Bahamas.”

“In light of recent and history of attacks against women, we are preparing to launch a series of courses and training events which seek to empower women such as Strong Women Achieving Goals (SWAG) and NRA’s award winning Refuse To Be A Victim seminars,” said Gordon.

“Over the next few weeks, we will also be launching programs specifically created for Corporate Bahamas to promote safety and self-awareness as well as providing training to staff to aide in workplace violence, evacuation plans, and conflict resolution. When you think of the NFA it’s not only a firearms organization but an organization that provides framework for organizations that address these unfamiliar situations,” said Gamal Newry, Director of the NFA.

Attorney General, Ryan Pinder lauded the NFA for their efforts and stated, “I believe a partnership between the National Firearms Association and the government is needed and sharing best practices for matters with respect to proper training for license firearm owners, anti-crime and personal safety training as well as having an established organization around from the private sector that will aid in helping to remove the phobia around licensed firearm ownership. Education is important. I would like to see a proper range where the public can train and use recreationally that will eliminate the need for license firearm owners to discharge their firearms in the bushes. He went on to add that he would like to see the country move into a more open direction as it relates to licensed firearms for law abiding citizens.”

During the coming weeks, the NFA will continue its series of crime prevention, firearm safety and certification courses in New Providence with additional courses slated for Grand Bahama and Abaco.

For detailed information on upcoming courses and events and how to become a member, visit our website at or NFA’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Pictured L-R: Dr. Donna Miller, Acting Under Secretary, Rchetta Godet, Vice President, NFA, Nikolette Elden, Director Marketing & Public Relations, NFA, Christanell Gordon, Treasurer, NFA, Malvin Gordon, President, NFA, Hon. Ryan Pinder, Attorney General, Hon. Jomo Campbell, MP, Minister of State for Legal Affairs, Cecilia Strachan, Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Attorney General, Virgil Sturrup, Director, NFA, Gamal Newry, Director, NFA



NFA Bahamas is a Non-profit NGO that is dedicated to the promotion of firearm safety, training and knowledge, providing certified training for Civilians and Law Enforcement in The Bahamas with a full partnership with the National Rifle Association of America – NRA. We are a pro-community and anti-crime organization providing educational opportunities for members on S.A.F.E community, personal safety, and crime prevention.

For inquiries:

Nikolette Elden, Public Relations

National Firearms Association Bahamas

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