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Louisiana Training Excursion

In order to continually enhance our skills and maintain our certifications our team recently embarked on a training and recertification journey to Louisiana, where our instructors underwent updated training and recertification in their respective disciplines. Under the guidance of our Director of US Standards, Lewis Frost, we spent a full day at Camp Villere engaging in instructor development training focused on both pistol and rifle (AR Platform).


Accompanying us were two officers from the Bahamas Department Of Corrections, CC Guion Stuart and CS Lamar Bonimy, who gained a wealth of knowledge to enhance their operational proficiency at BDOCS. Additionally, we were joined by an NFAB member who had a fantastic time learning practical applications. Furthermore, a young female college student, who had never experienced firearms before, participated in the trip and achieved an impressive practical score of 97% (photos and video available on the provided link). We thank Paratus Tactical and Louisiana training partner Phobos Solutions for another great development training.


If you are interested in joining us, our next excursion is scheduled for October 2024. Please feel free to reach out to us via email for more details and information. 

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