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So you are interested in learning about firearms and getting your firearms license. We're here to help. 

First we need to make it clear that the National Firearms Association Bahamas does NOT provide firearms license, nor to we have anything to do with the process or approvals of the licensing of any firearms. This process is entirely under the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Firearms Division.

We provide information and certified firearms training. 

New Firearm Licence

3 ways you can apply

  1. Application from Firearms Division 

  2. MyGateway -

  3. Local Firearms Dealer/Store

New Firearm Licence Eligibility Criteria

Bahamian citizen, residing in The Bahamas 

18 years or older

Clean criminal record 

The intended use of the firearm must be hunting, security for a business, or employment purposes

Applicants must also provide copies of the bills of sale for the firearm and the firearm safe.


Application fees vary by firearm category:

Shotgun licence – $150.00

Rifle licence – $300.00

Handgun licence – $750.00

Firearm licences expire on 31st of December each year and must be renewed on an annual basis.

Firearm Act

We strongly encourage you to read and under the firearms act Chapter 213, so you have a clear understanding of how the law see and understand firearms and you and a license firearms owner. 

Click here for the Act:

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