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We are here to educate, empower and equip licensed firearm owners, law enforcement and our communities  in The Bahamas. We value all, your time and your investment in expressing your rights to firearm ownership, our law enforcements commitment and safety of our community. Our goal is to be recognized nationally as the elite standard for safe, ethical and practical training creating responsible firearm owners & instructors, support and development of law Enforcement professionals, and anti-crime initiative to create safe communities. From new firearm owners in search of training, to our  law enforcement community looking to improve skills and developmentNFA Bahamas will be a different kind of organization that will support the values that we hold in great importance. 

Certified Training

Our goal is to be recognized nationally as the elite standard for safe, ethical, firearm training, women empowerment courses, personal defenses and skills development. Comprehensively developed training programs to be adopted as a national standard. 


The Refuse To Be A Victim® training program is an award winning crime prevention platform that teaches the tips and techniques you need to be alerted to dangerous situations and to avoid criminal confrontation and bad actors seeking to do harm while learning how to improve your personal safety to prevent persons from being victims of crimes, and valuable information that can apply in every area of their life. 

Law Enforcement

With our diverse network of Law enforcement instructors and programs, we bring a new level of support and training available to the law enforcement agencies in The Bahamas. NFA core objectives is to be a source of regular and continual supplemental training exclusive to our law enforcement community in the Bahamas, making them the most capable in the region. NFA Law Enforcement Division provides a broad spectrum of training courses and programs aimed at increasing officers’ skills and performance, improve readiness and reduce liability. Courses are designed to immerse officers in relevant scenario-based training as well as learn additional techniques to properly manage potentially life-threatening situations & engagements.

Learn from

the Best

With our network of local and international instructors and partners, we provide only the best instructors and courses.


Strong Women Alert & Guarded (SWAG) trains and equips women with the knowledge they need to predict, prevent and avoid violence, and if necessary, prepares them to deal with violent confrontation. Presenting programs that aim to introduce women to an array of subjects that concern their personal safety.  From sexual assaults & potentially abusive partners (both emotionally and physically) to robbery, home invasion and attacks of convenience. 

Shooting Sports &
Hunter Education

The development of safe, fun shooting sports and games includes a combination of Mental and Physical Challenges and is a great way to encourage camaraderie  and good sportsmanship.

 Our Hunter education program is designed to help hunters of all ages learn how to be safe and responsible members of the hunting community, with conservation and ethical responsibility at the forefront.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach initiatives help us reach our objectives by properly educating our communities on safety.


R.A.V.E – [Response to Active Violent Events] training is designed to build foundational awareness of how to act and respond to violent and potentially violent situations. How to prevent, prepare adapt and overcome acts of aggression, violence and also emergency actions for home and workplace event (fires, explosion, tornados, active shooter). This program prepares you to take action, to know what to do and how to do it!  Ideal for community groups, churches, workplace etc. 

Firearms Training

With our objective to provide professional certified training we are honored to provide quality instruction in safety & proper use to licensed firearms owners in the Bahamas. Training includes multi-level certification from beginner to advance, hunting and sports shooting. Also, job function firearms training (armed security, armored car etc)


    With international instructors and specialists on staff, the NFA has the ability to… 


  • Evaluate & Certify Shooting Ranges Indoor & Outdoor to international safety standards

  • Certify and re-certify civilians & law enforcement on firearms (pistol, rifle, shotgun - multi-level) 

  • Evaluate performance of training 

  • Multi-level firearms instructor development training 

  • Training and develop certified Range Safety Officers 

  • Active Violence Emergency Response Training certified training center

  • Commercial, Improvise, Military & Tactical Breeching Explosives Training


NFA Training
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