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  • To provide internationally certified training to law enforcement agencies and the public; those who are licensed, permitted and of good repute.

  • To develop and provide educational opportunities for members and the general public on crime prevention, S.A.F.E community & personal safety, with international accredited certification courses and programs.

  • To create and provide national training standards in the licensing, safe handling and efficient use of firearms. Partnering with all law enforcement agencies.

  • To foster the development of shooting sports at a national & international level, promoting fellowship and good sportsmanship, while keeping safety paramount in the pursuit of all these activities. 

  • To partner with government agencies to promote a sustainable game hunting culture in The Bahamas; hunter safety, hunting as a shooting sport and as a viable and necessary method of fostering the propagation, growth, conservation, and wise use of our renewable wildlife resources. 

  • To certify safe venues for shooting sports and activities. 

  • To promote firearm safety knowledge, law and responsibility to all licensed firearms owners.

  • To create a platform for members and their families to receive assistance and guidance in order to increase their Proficiency Levels with the Safe & Responsible owning of Firearms.

  • To ensure there are equal opportunities for members of previously disadvantaged communities.

  • To provide a World Class Facility, that is well maintained with a High Standard of Housekeeping & Safety.

  • To project a Professional Image and create a Reputable Brand on a Local and National level.

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