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Law Enforcement Division Training

The National Firearms Association (NFAB) Law Enforcement Division recently hosted an intensive two-day training for officers of The Bahamas Department of Corrections to hone their firearms skills and proficiencies. This comprehensive skills development and proficiency training focused on building upon the officers' existing competencies while introducing new methods and techniques to further sharpen their abilities.


Over the action-packed two days, our Director of U.S Federal Standards and expert Law Enforcement instructor Lewis Frost took the corrections officers through dynamic hands-on drills, advanced marksmanship exercises, and updated protocols on firearm safety. The training encompassed muscle memory and reflexes for drawing, aiming and firing accurately under pressure - critical skills for the officers' challenging roles. Through high-energy interactive exercises and focused coaching, the officers were able to improve their accuracy, speed, and firearms handling by the end of day one.


The corrections officers displayed remarkable drive and dedication throughout the training. They embraced it as an opportunity for personal growth and development in their profession. The officers actively applied the new techniques and protocols learnt to upgrade their skills. By the end of the two days, they made obvious impressive strides in their firearms proficiency and readiness, increased skills weapon manipulation abilities and achieving A & B zone pistol accuracy up to 45 yards. Through this valuable training, they are now better equipped to perform their duties of keeping corrections facilities secure. Overall, the training exercise proved mutually beneficial for the NFAB instructors and the motivated corrections officers.


NFAB, Paratus Tactical and training partner Phobos Solutions would specifically like to commend and congratulate CO. Stephanie Newman who won most improved and CC. Guion Stuart that received the award of top shooter.

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