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Law Enforcement Shooting Competition 2023

For the second consecutive year, the National Firearms Association Bahamas was invited to serve as independent observers for this year's law enforcement shooting competition held November 24th 2023. Our primary role was to ensure the competition's integrity, safety, and professionalism by closely monitoring participants' adherence to all rules. We also verified scoring accuracy and addressed any issues or discrepancies in a fair and impartial manner.

Inspector Jamaal Edgecombe ( RBPF Armory) was host and rangemaster for the competition and as usual did a great job. The event garnered significant participation from all five law enforcement branches under the National Security Ministry, with the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (R.B.D.F) team emerging as the overall victors. The celebrated Top Shooter Award was presented to Royal Bahamas Police Force (R.B.P.F) Sgt. Cash. President & Lead Instructor Malvin Gordon, Director & Instructor Virgil Sturrup, Treasurer & Instructor Christanell Gordon, and Range Safety Officer & Instructor Guion Stuart, all representing the National Firearms Association Bahamas. Additionally, the event was graced by the presence of the Hon. Wayne Munroe M.P KC, Commodore of the Raymond King RBDF, and Commissioner Doan Cleare Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (B.D.O.C.S).

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