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Courtesy Call on the National Security Minister

L-R: Cyril Saunders - Secretary, Gamal Newry - Director, Malvin Gordon - President , Minister of National Security, Hon. Wayne Munroe, QC, MP, Christanell Fritz - Treasurer, Rhchetta Godet -Vice President, (Legislation & Legal Affairs), Nikolette Elden- Director (Public Relations & Marketing)

Press Release

Nassau, The Bahamas – As part of its public relations tour, the Executive Board of National Firearms Association Bahamas paid a courtesy call to the Minister of National Security, Hon. Wayne Munroe, QC, MP on Friday January 7, 2022, to discuss the mission, vision, and objectives of the Association.

President of NFA Bahamas, Malvin Gordon said, “Our main goal and objective of the organization is to make training and certification accessible for both civilians and law enforcement. We wish to create and promote an outlet for firearms enthusiasts by elevating sports shooting and hunting in our country.”

“Within hours of launching the website and social media pages, we fielded over 100 questions and garnered 200 plus followers, this level of enthusiasm is encouraging and proves that there is an appetite for this industry,” said Gordon.

Our team comprise of local and international instructors and partners which together have 30 years in the industry. Our goal is to be recognized as the standard for safe and ethical firearm training creating safe & responsible firearm owners and certified instructors.

In the coming days, NFA will launch a series of training, internationally accredited certifications andprograms that will benefit the community. Training such as firearm safety, certified firearms training, women empowerment courses, personal defenses and skills development will be available during the first quarter of this year.

For inquiries: Nikolette Elden, Public Relations & Marketing

National Firearms Association Bahamas Tel: +12425251609

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