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PRESS RELEASE: 9.12.22 - Approved AVERT Regional Training Center

Pictured L-R: Marlon Young-NFA Instructor, Malvin Gordon-NFA President, Cyril Saunders- NFA Secretary, Lindsay Gietzen-PhD AVERT founder, Darcy Leutzinger-AVERT founder, Christanell Gordon-NFA Treasurer, Rchetta Godet-NFA Vice President, Guion Stuart-NFA Instructor, Gamal Newry-NFA Director

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NFA Is Now an Approved AVERT Regional Training Center

Nassau, The Bahamas – As part of its commitment to providing world class professional certified training, on September 3rd, 2022, the National Firearms Association (NFA) completed a 20hr training and certified eight (8) instructors on the AVERT training program, the most sort after training program in North America. We are now an approved AVERT Regional Training Center!

AVERT - Active Violence Emergency Response Training a proactive lifesaving training that enables participants to become immediate responders by equipping them with the tools needed to understand how to recognize warning signs and how to react quickly in an active violence situation.

With AVERT Training, you can prepare your organization, business, and community to anticipate potential violence and react quickly in life-threatening situations. AVERT emphasizes training in:

  • Warning Signs and Situational Awareness

  • Escape, Evade, Respond and Active Violence Response Procedures

  • Emergency First Aid & Lifesaving Techniques

  • Response Equipment (Bleeding Control Kits, AEDs, etc.)

When active violence occurs, seconds count, the AVERT training increases survival and saves lives. Just as the threat of active violence has evolved over the years, so has active violence emergency response training, which is now available in The Bahamas and offered through the NFA.

The training and certification were provided by the creators of the AVERT program, Darcy Leutzinger and Lindsay Gietzen, Ph.D. "We encourage companies to understand the importance of safety by providing a safe environment for their team members to live and work in," said Darcy Leutzinger, describing why so many have chosen the AVERT program. He added, "It empowers and builds confidence of the participant. This is the ultimate team-building activity." Which explains why it's popular throughout many industries and groups in the USA and encourages all industries in The Bahamas to take advantage of the training including schools, churches, healthcare, businesses, and hotels. “This training should be a part of everyone’s EAP (Emergency Action Plan)” Lindsay Gietzen further explained, "we specifically designed the educational components of this program to be able to appeal to people at all levels educationally with different learning styles."

“What makes this training unique is the attention it pays not just to the content of the training, but the style in which it is presented. It helps trainees to be receptive to learning, engage with the instructors, and recall their training, months later. We are excited and ready to present this training here in The Bahamas and around the region” said NFA President, Malvin Gordon.

For detailed information on how you can book a course on this dynamic active violence response program, visit our website at or NFA’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

ABOUT NFA NFA Bahamas is a Non-profit NGO that is dedicated to the promotion of safety, security, response training and knowledge, providing certified training for Civilians and Law Enforcement in The Bahamas. We are a pro-community and anti-crime organization providing educational opportunities for members on S.A.F.E community, personal safety, and crime prevention.

For inquiries:

Nikolette Elden, Public Relations

National Firearms Association Bahamas

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