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September 2023 General Meeting Overview

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

As members of this esteemed organization, we share a common passion for the responsible ownership and use of firearms. Our commitment to upholding the principles of safety, education, and advocacy has been the cornerstone of this association since its inception.

At our meetings we come together, united in our dedication to promoting responsible firearm ownership, we have an opportunity to reinforce our mission and strengthen our collective voice.

Throughout the meeting, we had the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussion, exchange ideas, and address important matters that impact our community. We discussed educational initiatives, crime prevention programs, upcoming hunting regulations, hunting statistics from the island and training aimed at promoting responsible firearm ownership and safety.

We continue to encourage you all to actively participate, and share your perspectives, It is through collaboration and open dialogue that we can make a meaningful impact and advance our goals. We embrace diversity of thought while maintaining respect for one another, for it is in this atmosphere of mutual understanding that progress truly thrives.

We thank all who attended including Danielle Hanek and her team from the forestry unit. We the National Firearms Association Bahamas will continue to reaffirm our commitment to celebrate our achievements, and to chart a course forward that ensures the responsible and safe enjoyment of firearms for generations to come.

Don't miss our next meeting in October 2023

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